Workplace Reports Going Electronic

OSHA Electronic ReportingThe Occupational Safety and Health Administration has proposed making it mandatory that workplace reports be submitted electronically, which would provide the public with access to these reports electronically.

Bringing this system of reporting into the modern age of technology has many advantages, including the public and OSHA’s ability to monitor reporting in an electronic database. This new standard improve the tracking of workplace injuries and illnesses, making it much easier to identify problems in the workplace and enforce regulations accordingly.

Not everyone is happy about these electronic reports being readily available to the public, but OSHA believes it’s a step in the right direction in improving workplace environments and keeping employees safe.

One dissenting opinion on the proposed new rule is that “OSHA needs to hear from the industry how CSA data is being misused,” said Kevin Rohlwing, senior vice president of training for the Tire Industry Assn. “If they don’t, then fleets should be prepared for their injury and illness information to become public record so anyone can use it to paint any picture they want.”

Public information is a touchy subject with many but ultimately the health and safety of employees is what OSHA cares about most, and many see this as a process that was long overdue.

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