Lazarus Energy LLC fined $43,400 for Chemical Hazard Exposures to Employees. Nixon, Texas

Hazardous Materials ExposureThe importance of understanding the health and safety of employees is vital to any corporation or company. Understanding the liabilities caused by such adverse conditions may help in the prevention of workplace injury and illness.

As for Lazarus Energy, a chemical refinement company in Nixon, Texas, the company is suffering from 10 proposed violations totaling in $43,400 worth of citations. After further inspection from a referral of the Environmental Protection Agency, the safety management became in question as the year of 2013 progressed. Safety inspections revealed that the employees were subject to handling tens of thousands of pounds of flammable liquids. However, these hazardous conditions were not properly handled in terms of the safety equipment used by the employees.

In the case of Lazarus Energy, the proposed potential hazards could have led to fires, safety hazards, as well as illness for prolonged exposure to hazardous chemicals. It is critical to keep up to date with new mandates in regulations, as well as maintaining good upkeep on the equipment to prevent potential hazards from occurring. Moreover, keeping employees trained on a yearly basis on the proper techniques to handling hazardous materials as well as the prevention of potential safety hazards is vital to the longevity of a corporation. This will further mediate the costs that may be incurred in lawsuits, or in this case, citations from environmental agencies.

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