Staggering Numbers: 3 Million Work-Related Injuries In 2012

work related injuriesAccording to the US Department of Labor, over 3 million work-related injuries occurred in 2012. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) finds this statistic to be a staggering number, despite their many attempts at new regulations for preventative measures in the workplace. OSHA and the US Department of Labor have worked in close collaboration to devise a new plan that electronically tracks any work-related incidents in a newly implemented database.

By 2014, OSHA hopes to implement this new program in their efforts to keep the workplace safe. A federal meeting is set to take place in January, 2014, with the public’s ability to submit comments in February. This information is gathered in the hopes of mediating the staggering numbers that are occurring in today’s workplace. Although OSHA’s current data initiative requires companies with over 250 employees to report work-related incidents is currently in effect, the administration is also proposing to require companies with 20 or more employees to also follow suit in the data initiative. With this expansive amount of data, OSHA hopes to allow the general public to view the statistics of work-related injuries as well as comply with President Obama’s Open Government Initiative.

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