NATEC custom training schedules for organizations and corporations:

NATEC can create courses on an organization/corporation’s basis of need. Whether your employees are currently requiring a refresher course for continuing education units, new courses for current OSHA regulations that are not available in our current schedule, or have timing conflicts, this option may be the best for you.

At NATEC, we serve you as the customer to optimize the training experience, and to provide top of the line education. With facilities spanning all over California, we have venues that are located in Oakland, Anaheim and San Diego. Our instructors each have decades of industry-knowledge and know-how; prepared to engage students in a curriculum applicable to today’s standards. With our state of the art training facilities, we can provide a top-tier hands-on presentation; or if you require an on-site class, that may also be arranged for you.

For more information regarding NATEC’s upcoming schedule or normal inquiries, please visit us at or simply call (714) 678-2750.

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