Who needs asbestos training?

Asbestos TrainingMore people need than you may think, it’s not just for people who know they will be dealing with asbestos on a regular basis. Those who need to be able to identify potential asbestos containing hazards in building renovations. Knowing what kinds of things could possibly contain asbestos is the first step toward being safe in these environments.

Of course there are those who work in environments that contain asbestos on a regular basis and these workers must be trained on more than identifying possible hazards. Those who regularly deal with asbestos need to be trained on the right safety equipment to wear and the proper responses to certain asbestos hazards when they arise. Knowing how to handle such hazardous situations can go a long way in keeping workers safe.

Furthermore, those who are in a supervisor role will need additional training because their job will demand them to oversee operations to ensure that workers are not over exposed to asbestos and it will ultimately be their responsibility to keep workers safe.

However, the short answer to the question of who needs asbestos training is anyone working in building renovation or maintenance, as these hazards are always a possibility, especially in dealing with older buildings.

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