State Exam Dates Approaching Soon. Are You PREPARED?

NATEC International offers bi-monthly state exam prep courses for your convenience. Our examination prep courses are designed to outline all the information that will be covered within the examinations. It wil brief you on the requirements and studies of pertinent regulations. These exam prep courses will greatly improve your chances of passing the state exams and will simulate test conditions and environments. Not only will pertinent topics be covered, but strategies for proper test-taking and mnemonic devices to help memorization.


The CDPH Lead Inspector / Risk Assessor as well as the CDPH Lead Supervisor / Project Monitor exam dates are approaching rapidly. The California Lead State Exam still has seats available for the FINAL exam date in 2017.  Do not delay!

The cutoff date for the registration of the California Lead State Exam is September 4th for the September 23rd Exam Date.

For CDPH State Exam Registration information, please visit:

SPECIAL OFFER: If you have previously enrolled in an initial course such as: Lead Inspector / Risk Assessor 40 hour Initial, or Lead Supervisor / Project Monitor 16 Hour Supplemental; You qualify for $155 dollars OFF list price. Your state exam prep course will only cost $95!

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