NATEC International, Inc. Expands Services Nationally with its Lead and Asbestos Training Programs

NATEC International, Inc, the accredited institution supplying comprehensive asbestos-related and lead-related courses, is now launching national online and virtual programs to support and protect businesses and workers across the country. Based in California, where the offered training began, NATEC International Inc. now looks forward to adding value and safety to any U.S. business with its affordable platform and highly-recognized instructionals. The company provides a wide range of services including, but not limited to, lead and asbestos consulting and education, risk assessors, Phase I & II consultants, and inspectors.

“NATEC International, Inc. recognizes the critical importance of lead-safe and asbestos-safe work practices for the safety of all who work around these dangerous materials,” says a representative from the company. “This year, we have also added a COVID-19 Employee Protection Training to help the efforts of reducing the spread of coronavirus and keeping businesses afloat. As a leading provider of these types of training services in California, we are now excited to open our doors nationally to ensure that workers have the training necessary to productively deal with asbestos and lead paint issues as they arise on projects.”

Training courses from NATEC International, Inc. put forward a multitude of learning platforms, including for those interested in asbestos, lead, mold HAZWOPER, OSHA/construction, and bio-recovery classes. Further, the company provides Lead EPA Renovation, Repair, and Painting (EPA RRP) courses. The EPA has ruled that “dust from renovations, repairs, and surface preparation during painting activities creates potential lead hazards when lead-based paint is distributed and lead-safe work practices are not used.” NATEC International, Inc. is one of the few training companies from California that has an approved RRP course in place to ensure federally-certified lead-safe work practices.

These advanced, valuable classes can help students become better certified asbestos consultants. Clients’ challenging schedules and broad needs can be met by experienced and knowledgeable instructors, who are certified asbestos consultants, lead paint inspectors, risk assessors, and supervisors to past multi-million dollar remediation projects. Trainings are available from the company in both English and Spanish. The group also offers classroom facilities in Northern and Southern California and hold numerous publicly-held classes, as well as off-site and virtual classes now across the country.

NATEC International, Inc. does all it can to find valuable resources to protect its clients’ students, contractors, and selves at all times. To learn more about its services and course offerings, now obtainable coast-to-coast, you can visit the company’s website here.