Asbestos Training Alternatives Helps Keep The Asbestos Industry Safe While Training

NATEC International, Inc. has been partnering with the asbestos industry to assure alternatives to training during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Asbestos Supervisor, Asbestos Building Inspector, Asbestos Project Designer, and Asbestos Management Planner all require annual training, per EPA, to work in their field. “Finding asbestos training solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic is critical to our industry so that our industry can remain in compliance — safely”, Allison Croulet from NATEC International, inc. stated. NATEC International, Inc., a nationwide accredited lead and asbestos training company, worked countless hours to work with the various accredited agencies from the national level, such as the EPA, to local levels including CDPH and CalOSHA, to obtain approvals to keep the industry moving forward.

NATEC International, Inc. launched its asbestos programs to include in-person, virtual, online and blended training tools nationwide to assure clients had the tools they needed to keep their businesses’ regulatory requirements in compliance. “Training during this season needs to be easy to accomplish as businesses’ nationwide have so many additional items to focus on. Providing various training tools helps businesses find easy solutions for their team”, stated Allison Croulet in an interview.

Thousands of students have taken advantage of these tools, which NATEC International, Inc believes has helped many through the pandemic remain in compliance.  Now, Asbestos Supervisors, Asbestos Building Inspectors, Asbestos Project Designers, and Asbestos Management Planners can focus on what is important-assuring others are safe from asbestos-while NATEC provide tools to keep them safe.

NATEC International, Inc. has also added additional programs to include the EPA RRP Initial course virtually for those just entering the industry, as well as online N95 fit testing and medical clearance. The more tools-the better.

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