Lead RRP Training: 5 Year Anniversary Approaching

Online Lead RRP TrainingIt may be hard to believe but it’s nearly been 5 years since Lead Renovation Repair and Paint training has been a requirement to handle lead-based paint activities at work. In just 4 months it will be 5 years and means it will be time for many to have a refresher course since certification only lasts 5 years.

When the new regulation rolled out companies and workers rushed out to get their necessary training to remain in compliance in their work. So at this anniversary of the new certification, there is expected to be a more than sizable overflow of people seeking refresher training, per training requirement.

In light of this reality, NATEC International Inc. has been working very hard to have initial and refresher Lead RRP courses online for people to take at their convenience to fit their schedule and busy lives. This new program is expected to roll out in the next few months pending EPA approval.

This online training service will provide an easy way for workers to get their training and help handle the large volume of students seeking training at the same time.

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