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Lead Exposure: Everyday Products

Most people know lead is toxic and can cause irreversible harm, especially to young children. Lead can make anyone sick, and it’s found in common everyday household items.

In June of 2015 a complaint was filed by Environmental Research Center, Inc. (a non-profit corporation whose mission is to make the public aware about exposures to health hazards like lead). ERC alleges that specific products sold by Young Living Essential Oils, LC contain levels of lead that exceed the levels allowed without a warning label. Consumers were exposed through
ingestion, and also may have been exposed through inhalation.

According to the ERC, the levels of lead detected in some of the products require a “clear and reasonable warning” under California’s Proposition 65. The civil complaint also alleges that the company’s lack of warning causes “individual to be involuntarily and unwittingly exposed to levels” of lead that are not allowed. A ban is being sought against the manufacturing, packaging, distributing, marketing, and sales of the specific products in California.

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Ways to keep yourself and your family safe from lead

Protecting yourself and loved ones around you from lead exposure is important for a long and healthy life. Here are some ways you can protect yourself and others from lead exposure:

-Make sure children do not have access to peeling paint
-Wash children’s hands and toys regularly
-Wet-wipe window components and wet-mops floors regularly
-Talk to your state or local health department about testing paint and dust from your home for lead (click here)



Household items that may contain lead:

  • Paints, pigments, and other artists’ supplies
  • Lead crystal
  • Children’s pretend jewelry and toys
  • Decorative figurines
  • Stained glass windows and doors
  • Fishing tackle (sinkers and jig heads)

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