December 1 Deadline For GHS Training

GHS Training Online

The deadline for Globally Harmonized System training, the internationally accepted standard for labeling and classifying of hazardous materials, is December 1, 2013. If you or your workers have not been training on this system by the deadline you will be subjected to a fine.

Who is GHS training for?

This new system of classification affects workers who are exposed to hazardous chemicals in the workplace and was developed by the United Nations, with different countries having different compliance deadlines for being trained and enforced.

What are the new GHS requirements?

The system of classification was published in the Federal Register in March 2012, requiring new labeling elements and providing a standardized format for Safety Data Sheets (Material Safety Data Sheets).

For labeling, the new system includes 6 standard elements:

  1. Product Identifier
  2. Supplier Information
  3. Signal Word
  4. Hazard Pictograms
  5. Hazard Statements
  6. Precautionary Statements

Workers will also be expected to understand how labels and safety data sheets work together.

Format changes to safety data sheets include 16 standardized sections, including:

  1. Identification
  2. Hazard(s) Identification
  3. Composition/Ingredient Information
  4. First-Aid Measures
  5. Accidental Release Measures
  6. Handling and Storage
  7. Exposure Control/Personal Protection
  8. Physical & Chemical Properties
  9. Stability & Reactivity
  10. Toxicological Information
  11. Ecological Information
  12. Disposal Considerations
  13. Transport Information
  14. Regulatory Information
  15. Other Information

Global Environmental Network is currently offering GHS training online or in a classroom. If you have not already done so, it is vitally important to get this training in before the December 1 deadline.


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