Cal-OSHA: Cool-Down Recovery Period For Employees

Cool Down Recovery PeriodBeginning January 1, 2014, employers will be required by law to give employees a “Cool-Down Recovery Periods” to prevent heat exhaustion for those working outdoors. As with most OSHA regulations, if an employer fails to provide these breaks for employees working outside they will be required to pay a wage premium much like that of meal and rest break violations.

Cal-OSHA is already known for having a strong stance on preventing illness caused by heat. There is already in place a statute which requires employers to provide adequate drinking water and rest breaks for employees working outside in 85 degree weather or hotter.

This new legislation is an amendment to California Labor Code section 226.7 and is expected to bring about much litigation in the state of California as employers begin to violate this new code.

Both employers and employees should review all OSHA regulations to be in compliance

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