CAC/CSST State Exam Prep


NATEC is now offering the CAC/CSST State Exam prep at all of our locations – Anaheim, Oakland and Sacramento. The course price is $125, but returning NATEC students can be eligible for up to 50% OFF*!

Our next course is coming up on: March 6th, Anaheim

CALL for more information!  1-800-969-3228

*Discounts & Promotions:
Those who have taken an 8+ hour CAC or CSST related-course** within the last year at NATEC are eligible for 50% off list price. Call the Training Department today to verify your eligibility and receive your discount code

*Only ASI, ASR, ABII, AMPI, APDI, and APDR apply toward eligibility of this discount.
Course Description 

This course is intended to prepare students for the CSST and CAC certification exams. There will be simulated test conditions and environment. During this time the focus will be on exam topics and test taking strategies. There will be focus on the mathematical/computational questions of the exam as well as time for a Q&A period.


Phone: 1-800-969-3228 Ext. 6544


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