2024: The Opportunity to Get Certified

Obtaining certification in Asbestos, Lead, HAZWOPER and OSHA training in 2024 is a critical for professionals in industries where these hazardous materials are prevalent. As regulations evolve and the emphasis on workplace safety heightens, having this certification not only enhances personal qualifications but also ensures compliance with legal and safety standards.

OSHA sets strict guidelines for handling asbestos and lead, known for their health risks. Professionals in construction, renovation, and certain manufacturing sectors must be well-versed in these guidelines to prevent health hazards and legal complications. It is incredibly important to certify or maintain professionals on the jobsite.

2024 might usher in new regulatory changes or updates to existing laws concerning asbestos and lead handling, protections required to workers, or general exposure limits. Having the proper refresher training can update professionals on regulatory changes while maintaining compliance.

As it is a new year, it is the perfect time to revisit personal or organizational compliance standards in training. Here are some key dates to keep track of for the new year:

Q1 Certified Asbestos Consultant and Site Surveillance Technician Exam Dates for California:

2024 Exam Dates:
January 19-21
February 16-18
March 15-17

Additional information:



Q1 CDPH Lead Exam Dates:

CPS HR Consulting has released the 2024 Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention exams for the following:

  • Inspector/Assessor
  • Supervisor
  • Project Monitor

The future exam dates are:

  • 11/11/2023 – 11/19/2023 – Registration deadline 10/20/2023
  • 02/17/2024 – 02/25/2024 – Registration deadline 01/26/2024
  • 05/11/2024 – 05/19/2024 – Registration deadline 04/19/2024

Register for the appropriate exam via these links:

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