Instantly Access Training Records, Expirations & Certificates

Student Training Record Management System

Access to Student Training Records 24/7 with your own portal. Track student statuses, courses taken and view/print student certificates.

Instant Access to Reports and Records

Utilize our state-of-the-art training portal to view your employees’ training records or create exportable training reports to various file types: PDF, CSV, or XLS (Excel).

Verified Certifications / Wallet Cards

Maintain your compliance with same-day certificates or wallet cards with our onsite training. Your training records are digitally recorded and feature extensive reporting capabilities. All certificates follow the necessary regulatory requirements.

Evaluate, Analyze, Track and Report Training Records

Manager Exclusive Student Record Dashboard

Manage student records, view expiring certifications and export reports 24/7. With tools such as a snapshot of the dashboard, student searches, and instant certificate printing, managers can access records easily and instantaneously.

Reporting and Expiring Certifications

Plan ahead easily and accordingly by viewing all expiring certifications. Easily filter through by student ID, student name, class name or expiration date and export reports to various file types: PDF, CSV, or XLS (Excel).