New Year, New Regulations: OSHA Cites Ohio Roofing Contractor for Exposing Fall and Other Safety Hazards

In a January 2018 press-release from the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), an Ohio roofing contractor has been cited for exposing their employees to unsafe work conditions including fall and other safety hazards. These hazards have levied penalties totaling a whopping $91,629. The cause for penalties included employees working without adequate fall protection and failure to use eye protection when using nail guns. One of the most important facets of this press release, the employer failed to properly train their workers on fall hazards as well as not maintaining an accident prevention program.

When employers fail to comply with federal and state-mandated safety regulations; they obviously do not see the potential for danger. Not only can they be penalized with heavy fines and possibly business closure, but they can potentially cause physical injury, impairment, amputations, and loss of life. It is imperative that firms institute programs to ensure the safety of their employees wherever and whenever necessary. These potential hazards and dangers can be prevented with internal solutions including accident prevention plans and safety training.

As the new year progresses along, it is vital to ensure that your employees are adequately trained and provided with the right equipment for their safety. In the case of this employer, they were not responsible for implementing safe work practices and therefore was levied heavy penalties during an inspection. OSHA holds the employer accountable for maintaining equipment as well as providing safety training to their employees to ensure a safe and protected jobsite.

The new year could mean more audits for your firm and your employees. It is an integral part of any firm working with hazards to ensure their employees are properly trained in safety and prevention of accidents. At NATEC International, Inc., we provide services that are not only limited to safety training. Our safety officers can be provided for onsite, job-specific assistance to ensure that safety is up to code and par with OSHA’s stringent regulations.

This month should be a very good instance for firms to re-evaluate their safety and training programs. In the case of this recurring offender, some firms may not learn their lesson. OSHA and their training requirements should be top of mind during a firm’s re-evaluation. NATEC offers an all-encompassing safety training, and safety consulting program that can be applicable to most firms. Our primary objective is to relieve the firm of these duties so that jobsites and work can be performed without fear of citations, penalties and even audits.

With almost three decades of safety training and consulting experience, our reliance is on our well-qualified and trained staff. Our instructors have an industry-proven 15-year requirement of experience. Our consulting team is comprised of CIHs, Professional Engineers, Certified Safety Professionals, Certified Site Surveillance Technicians, Certified asbestos Consultants and Lead Inspectors/Assessors.

This new year is the time to take control of the safety situation at your firm. With our wide-range of training courses, we can ensure your company maintains compliance. With respect to the press release addressed in this blog, NATEC offers fall protection training as refreshers and for competent persons. Our fall protection training discusses using harnesses, working at heights, and pre-emptive measures to ensure safe working conditions. Respectively, NATEC also offers training for usage of personal protective equipment and where it is deemed necessary.

Other OSHA/Construction-related training courses NATEC offers include but are not limited to: Confined Space (Entry/Rescue/Refresher), Scaffolding (Competent Person/Refresher), and Trenching and Shoring (Competent Person/Refresher). We also heavily emphasize our OSHA Outreach Training Programs including OSHA 10-Hour Outreach and OSHA 30-Hour Outreach. Our outreach training programs are ONLY performed by Certified OSHA Outreach Trainers under the strict guidelines of OSHA’s training program.

NATEC International has over 120 Environmental, health and Safety Training Courses. Driven by a proven curriculum, engaging hands-on experience as well as keeping up with the latest technological advances in training, we pride ourselves as the Benchmark Leader in Environmental, Health and Safety Training and Consulting Services. Our training implements the highest level of practical experience to ensure that students retain the most information and apply it to their daily job requirements.

Training is only a portion of maintaining safety and compliance within your firm. Our trained staff is here to help with guidance and consulting services. Our safety division can deploy a Site Safety Officer for any specific job-site and for any duration of the duties being performed. We can provide onsite-management, program develop and updates as well as audits and inspections. Our tenure in the construction industry can provide your firm with Site Safety Plans and devising IIPPs (Injury and Illness Prevention Programs). All these additional safety consulting services are in accordance and compliance with CAL/OSHA requirements.

It is not too late to consider the options for training or safety consulting. NATEC International is here to help. Our dedicated staff and business development managers are here to support your firm’s needs. If you have any questions, concerns or requests, feel free to call us at (800) 969-3228 or visit our website at

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