According to the California Department of Public Health, the Lead Inspector/Assessor certificate is intended for those who are preparing to inspect buildings for lead and assess the type of lead hazards in those buildings. This includes:

  • Obtaining paint-chip, dust or soil samples or using an XRF machine to test painted surfaces.

  • Carrying out visual inspections to examine the condition of painted surfaces and the location of lead hazards in the building.

  • Deciphering laboratory and XRF test results.

  • Coordinating reports on the amount of lead hazards in a building and the risks of lead poisoning to the building occupants.

  • Proposing cost effective ways to safely handle the lead hazards.

  • Assuring no lead hazards remain after lead abatement work or other construction work where lead is present.

Under California’s Title 17 regulations, a certified Inspector/Assessor:

  • may perform lead hazard evaluations, including

    • lead paint inspections

    1. lead risk assessments

    • clearance inspections
  • may not prepare lead abatement plans.

  • may not perform lead abatement activities.

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