EPA’s April 2019 Final Rule on Asbestos

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What is the Final Asbestos Rule?

The EPA’s April 2019 Final Asbestos Rule defines 19 other uses of asbestos to be banned in addition to the original 5 uses of asbestos banned in 1989. Asbestos manufacturers now must seek the approval of the EPA before trying to resume discontinued use of asbestos.

It also disallows the public from using asbestos that is no longer on the market and are not covered under any other laws or regulations. New uses of asbestos are also prohibited.

What is the Purpose of this Rule?

The EPA wants further restrictions of asbestos and its products to be prohibited in the best interest of public safety. Adding additional categories as well as prohibiting future products containing asbestos are some of the methods the EPA continues to protect the public from asbestos.

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