COVID-19 Online Employee Protection Training Protects Employers

NATEC International, Inc. announces online COVID-19 Employee Protection Training to help better protect our US businesses, as well protect the US workforce. Employers need a way to manage how to get COVID-19 training to their employees, know what content their employees are learning, and track the education.

This new program was developed to support the worldwide efforts to reduce the spread of the corona virus, while supporting businesses in keeping their doors open. In such unprecedented times, it is crucial to have a structured COVID-19 workplan for the workplace. Part of this plan should incorporate training. The idea of training is simple on the surface, until one dives deeper to determine how that training will be tracked and unified across a workforce.

The COVID-19 online training program is proving to be a solution-driven model to help companies streamline their efforts to protect the workforce in a simple, 45-minute program. This 45-minutes of basic training may help reduce the spread of the virus and increase protection amongst our workforce in America through tracking, training, and protecting.

There is nothing new in the training that can’t be already be learned on the CDC website or other media platforms. What is new is an easy way to track the training, streamline the learning, and protect the workforce. Certificates are generated at the end of the course, as well as the ability to receive e-rosters for companies needing to obtain the training in larger volumes (25 plus).

NATEC International, Inc’s hope and goal is to be a value-add to American businesses nationwide by offering this affordable platform.

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