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Sacramento Qualitative Respiratory Fit Testing
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A qualitative fit test is a pass/fail test that relies on the employee’s response to a test agent.

All respirators that rely on a mask-to-face seal must be fit tested to validate the seal is air-tight. This fit test must be performed:

  • prior to first issue,
  • when there’s a change in the model, style or size of respirator used,
  • when there’s a physical facial change in the person wearing the mask, and
  • at least annually

Fit test candidates must come prepared clean shaven in areas where the respirator will require a seal.  Be ready to don and doff your own personal respirator. Fit testing may take up to 30 minutes, but tends to be less. Training is a separate option.
What to bring:

  • Medical Clearance
  • Employee’s Respirator with Cartridges

Note: Students arriving at facility without medical clearance will still be charged for registration. No credits will be applied for future fit testing as there is limited space.

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