UTV/ATV Safety and Authorized User Training

Duration: 6-8 hours

Format: In-Person

Course Description: 

NATEC’s UTV/ATV Safety and Authorized User Training, aligned with OSHA regulations, offers comprehensive instruction on the safe operation of Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs) and All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs). Targeted towards outdoor workers, the course emphasizes standard operating procedures, risk management, pre and post-ride inspections, driving in various conditions, and proper vehicle maintenance.


Equip participants with the knowledge and skills for safe operation, maintenance, and hazard mitigation of ATVs and UTVs, fostering responsible vehicle use in both recreational and commercial settings.

Who Should Attend:

  • Individuals who operate ATVs/UTVs in outdoor environments
  • Workers in industries requiring ATV/UTV use for transportation or tasks
  • ATV/UTV owners seeking to enhance their understanding of vehicle safety

Topics Covered:

  • ATV and UTV operating systems and safety features
  • Risk identification and management strategies
  • Incident reporting and emergency procedures
  • Maintenance, inspections, and storage of vehicles
  • Navigating adverse weather and challenging terrains
  • Load handling, winching, and towing with ATVs/UTVs


What Is the Difference Between a UTV and an ATV? 

ATVs are designed for single riders and off-roading, ideal for narrow trails and rugged terrains. UTVs, capable of carrying passengers or heavy loads, serve well in work intensive environments such as farms and construction sites.

Why Do I Need ATV Safety Training? 

ATV safety training is crucial for understanding basic operation, safe riding techniques, and hazard avoidance, ensuring responsible operation and minimizing risks in diverse environments.

California Regulations for 18 or younger: 

Under California Vehicle Code §38503, individuals under 18 must meet specific requirements to operate an ATV on public lands, including possession of an ATV safety certificate or being under direct supervision of a certified adult.


Upon course completion, participants will receive a Certification card, signifying their preparedness to safely operate ATVs/UTVs following OSHA and ANSI/SVIA standards.

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