Traffic Control Coning & Flagging 8 Hour Course

Duration: 8 Hours


To equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to implement effective traffic control strategies in work zones, ensuring safety and compliance with Department of Transportation standards.

Who Should Attend:

Workers involved in setting up and maintaining temporary traffic control in construction zones,  Roadway maintenance personnel, and any personnel responsible for coning, flagging, and traffic control at temporary work zones

Course Description:

This comprehensive 8-hour Traffic Control Coning & Flagging course is meticulously designed for individuals responsible for installing, maintaining, and managing temporary traffic control devices in and around work zones. The training emphasizes compliance with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) Part 6 and covers essential practices for safely directing traffic near construction sites. Participants will gain a thorough understanding of temporary traffic control measures, proper flagging procedures, and the use of various traffic control devices to ensure the safety of both workers and the traveling public.


  1. Instructor Introduction / Safety Exits
  2. Course Objectives
  3. Introduction to TTC
  4. MUTCD / CA MUTCD Part 6
  5. TTC Standards and Guidelines
  6. Fundamental Principles of TTC
  7. Component Parts of a TTC Zone
  8. Traffic Control Devices
    1. Signs
    1. Arrow Panels Channelizing Devices
    1. Warning Lights
    1. Pavement Markings
    1. Additional Devices
  9. Lunch (lunch time may vary based on schedule)
  10. Tapers
  11. Installation and Removal Procedures
  12. Flagging
    1. Flagger PPE
    1. Hand Signaling Devices & Procedures
    1. Flagging Stations
    1. Automated Flagger Assistance Devices
    1. Protecting Yourself & Your Company
    1. Inspection of the Traffic Control Zone
    1. Record Keeping & More
    1. Demonstrate proper flagging
  13. Recap
  14. Handson Practical / Skill Set Check
  15. Written Exam (must pass with minimum of 70%)

Schedule & Registration

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