Title 22/RCRA Hazardous Waste Handler & DOT HAZMAT Employee

Hours 4-8 Hours

Governing Regulations: 49 CFR, Part 172.704, 40 CFR 262(RCRA), CCR Title 22, CCR Title 8 


NATEC’s operations-level Training provides RCRA training for hands-on hazardous waste personnel and RCRA + DOT training for personnel who perform limited, specific job functions related to managing and shipping hazardous waste. Ideal for waste handlers, operators, and maintenance personnel, this comprehensive program emphasizes safety, compliance, and best practices in accordance with federal and state regulations. 

Course Module Overview: 

1. Introduction to RCRA & DOT Regulations: Overview of hazardous waste management and transportation regulations. 

2. Waste Classification and Identification: Classifying and identifying hazardous wastes as per RCRA and Title 22 criteria. 

3. Safety Protocols & Handling Procedures: Safe handling and shipping of hazardous waste, including PPE selection and emergency tactics. 

4. DOT Shipping Requirements: Packaging, labeling, and documentation for hazardous materials. 

5. Waste Minimization & Prevention: Strategies for reducing hazardous waste generation. 

6. Recordkeeping & Reporting: Documentation practices for tracking and reporting hazardous waste operations. 

7. Final Examination: Assessment of understanding and implementation of course teachings. 

Course Modules: 

 A. Introduction  

B. Hazardous Waste Regulations  

  1. Definition of hazardous waste  
  1. ‘Cradle-to-grave’ management  
  1. Waste minimize  
  1. Generator status  
  1. CERCLA  
  1. Review of HMBP  

C. Hazwaste Categories  

  1. Identification of hazwaste  
  1. Listed wastes  
  1. Characterized waste  
  1. Non-RCRA waste  
  1. Recyclable waste (oil, lead acid batteries)  
  1. Universal waste  

D. Hazwaste Management  

  1. Storage basics – satellite and general accumulation  
  1. Container labeling  
  1. Storage tanks  
  1. Generator responsibilities  
  1. Storage signage  

E. Hazwaste Shipping  

  1. Waste manifest  
  1. Container labeling and marking  
  1. Consolidated manifest  
  1. Waste manifest filing  

F. Spill Response  

  1. Agency notifications  
  1. Proper spill management and cleanup  

G. Facility Inspections  

  1. Review of inspector’s checklist  

H. Exam 

I. Conclusion 

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