Scaffolding Authorized User Training

Duration: 4 hours – 8 hours

Course Description: 

The Scaffolding Authorized User Training is designed to equip scaffold users with essential safety knowledge and skills required for working safely on scaffolds. This course, compliant with OSHA standards and when in California, specifically tailored for the state of California’s regulations, offers a comprehensive overview of supported scaffold use, including recognition of hazards, fall protection, and emergency response. Conducted over 4-8 hours, this program combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications to ensure a well rounded understanding of scaffold safety.

Who Should Attend: 

This training is mandatory for all workers who perform tasks while on a scaffold, as well as those needing a refresher course on scaffold safety. It is ideal for new employees, employees taking on new job assignments involving scaffolding, or any scaffold user looking to update their safety knowledge in accordance with Title 8 section 3203 of the General Industry Safety Orders, 29 CFR 1926.454(a), and 29 CFR 1926.451(f).

Course Objectives: 

Overview of scaffold types and terminology.

  • Overview of scaffold types and terminology.
  • Detailed instruction on the hazards associated with scaffolding, including falls, falling objects, and electrical hazards.
  • Regulatory requirements for scaffolding use
  • General principles of fall protection and the correct use of PPE & Fall Arrest Systems.
  • Supported scaffold use guidelines and load carrying capacities.
  • Basic scaffold inspection principles to ensure safe scaffold erection and maintenance.
  • Procedures for effectively responding to emergency situations involving scaffolds.
  • Hands-on demonstrations to reinforce learning objectives.
  • A written assessment to evaluate the participants’ understanding of course material.

Note: This program does not qualify for competent person level training. This is for an authorized user only.

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