Rigging Training Courses

Basic Rigging:

Hours: 16+ Hours


Module I:
Federal OSHA and ANSI

Classroom (4 hours): Federal OSHA 1910.184, ANSI B30.9, synthetic and manila rope, chains, material handling gear, load planning.

Field Training (12 hours): Hands-on training: Practical exercises on tying rope knots, rigging, rotating a box, and selection of proper rigging equipment.

Module II: Splicing

Classroom (4 hours): Sling angle factors, splicing of Samson Braid, three strand synthetic rope, load chart interpretation.

Field Training (12 hours): Hands-on training: Splicing, whipping, coiling of wire rope on a drum, identifying different wire rope.

Intermediate Rigging:

Hours: 8 Hours


This class is intended to train personnel in the safe operation of rigging equipment.

This is an eight-hour class that will provide the student with the knowledge and skills needed to safely accomplish a rigging job. Also covered in the class will be proper rigging technique and theory, proper tool for the proper job, and sling angle factor.


Topics covered in the classroom are proper rigging technique in the use of rigging equipment, slings, pick point, knots, splicing, block angles, jack points, and center of gravity.

At the conclusion of the lecture each student will be required to pass a written examination.

Practical Portion

The practical portion of the class will include a four hour hands-on inspection of rigging equipment and rigging tasks.

At the conclusion of the practical section each student will be required to pass specific tasks set up by the instructor.

Other Information

Class size: Maximum five students per class.
Class length: Four hours classroom, four hours field training.

Advanced Rigging:

Hours: 16 Hours


Module I:
Review of Safety Rules

Classroom (8 hours): Review of your safety rules, OSHA 1910.184, breaking strength of wire rope, angle factors, and materials handling gear. Lecture on synthetic rope with practical hands-on splicing, tying knots, and making hitches.

Field Training (8 hours): Seizing wire rope, correct coiling and uncoiling of wire rope, spooling of wire on a drum, and drum and reel capacities

Module II:
Sheaves, Blocks, and Rigging Loads

Classroom (8 hours): Discussion on blocks and sheaves as they pertain to the job, inspection and care of blocks and sheaves, rigging loads, pick points, and whipping steel and synthetic rope.

Field Training (8 hours): Rigging loads to determine weight of load, center of gravity, pick points, conditions to consider, sling angle factor, rigging for the proper parts of line on falls, and whipping of steel and synthetic rope.

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