Qualifed Rigger Level 1

Our Qualified Rigger Level 1 Training is tailored to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge for these types of crane operations, providing a qualified rigger level 1 card upon successful completion of both the required written and practical competency exams.

Course Outline:

Ideal for professionals in the construction, manufacturing, and various industries who perform rigging tasks. The course is suitable for both newcomers to the field and those seeking to update their qualifications in line with current standards.
A Level I Qualified Rigger is equipped to handle straightforward and routine rigging operations. This capability encompasses tasks where aspects such as the load weight, center of gravity, rigging materials, and rigging configuration are either pre-determined or familiar to the rigger through prior experience or hands-on training received on the job. This course prepares them for this.
Level I Rigger students are expected to:

• Conduct pre-use inspections of rigging.
• Identify and attach rigging, understanding hitch configurations, capacities, and knots.
• Recognize rigging-related hazards.
• Operate different rigging equipment and apply basic hitches effectively.
• Learn about the ASME B30.5- regulations and their practical applications

This course covers basic rigging principles and laws, including ASME B30.9 and B30.26, ANSI Al0.42, and OSHA 1926.1400. It focuses on key rigging concepts: load weight, sling selection, retention, and control. The training meets OSHA Subpart CC requirements and includes an overview of rigging equipment use and care.

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