Online Toolbox Topics: Pinch Points

The Online Toolbox Topics: Pinch Points Course discusses Pinch Points that may cause harm or injury on the jobsite. This General Industry Toolbox Talk is discussed by our industry professional, and will help guide students to communicate the topic of Pinch Points more effectively in their workplace.

Pinch points occur when two objects come together and can possibly get caught with a person’s limb, hand or finger. Although pinch points mostly affect hands and fingers, they can impact any part of the body. This course will go over some steps on how to prevent pinch point injuries within the workplace including:

  • Don’t use shortcuts
  • Machines, machine guarding and maintenance
  • Lockout/Tagout Procedures
  • Moving parts
  • Visibility of all fingers/hands/limbs while working
  • Proper PPE/gloves
  • Proper training
  • and more.

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