Online Toolbox Topics: Hand Safety

The Online Toolbox Topics: Workplace Hand Safety Course discusses hand safety, the various types of hand protection and how to limit hazards. This course opens up dialogue and allows for a more conscious effort of maintaining workplace safety. This discussion covers workplace dangers that coincide with hand injuries and preventative measures.

Discussions regarding hand safety within the workplace can help mitigate injury, provide a solid framework for safety standards, as well as prevent exposure to potentially hazardous materials or situations.

Some topics that may be covered include:

  1. Types of Injuries
    1. Cuts/Lacerations
    2. Crushing/Pinching
    3. Straining
  2. Hazardous Substances
  3. Carrying Objects/Ergonomics
  4. Slip/Trip/Falls
  5. Machine Guarding and Injuries
  6. Usage of correct PPE

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