NCCCO Signal Person Exam Prep Course

Duration: 1 day

Course Description: 

NATEC International, Inc. offers a focused one-day NCCCO Signal Person Exam Prep Course designed to comprehensively prepare students for the NCCCO signal person certification exams. This course provides essential hands-on training and detailed insights into both the written and practical aspects of the exam, ensuring candidates are thoroughly prepared for certification. Tailored to reinforce the skills necessary for effective hand and voice signal communication in crane operations, this prep course aligns with the rigorous standards set by NCCCO for signal persons.

Who Should Attend: 

This course is ideally suited for individuals seeking to achieve or renew their NCCCO Signal Person certification. It is designed for those who have received prior training and are actively involved in crane operations requiring precise hand and voice signaling.

Course Objectives: 

Participants will:

  • Receive an in-depth review of NCCCO certification processes and exam requirements.
  • Engage in hands-on training to sharpen their signaling skills for crane operations.
  • Prepare extensively for both the NCCCO written and practical signal person exams.
  • Understand the responsibilities and safety considerations of a certified signal person.
  • Learn from experienced instructors with knowledge of the NCCCO examination process.

Additional Information: 

  • NATEC facilitates coordination with NCCCO proctors upon request to administer the certification exams. This is a separate day/course.
  • The NCCCO Signal Person certification obtained upon passing the exams is valid for five years (timeframe may change by NCCCO).
  • The course covers all necessary topics to ensure candidates are well-versed in the principles of signaling and crane operation safety, as defined by NCCCO and OSHA standards, and prepared to take the NCCCO signal person exam.

NCCCO Certification: 

Once a student feel prepared to take the NCCCO proctored written/practical exam, they can work with our team to coordinate. This is not included in this program. Upon successful completion of the written and practical examinations administered by a NCCCO proctor, candidates will achieve NCCCO Signal Person certification, affirming their expertise and readiness to contribute to safe crane operation environments.

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