Heat Illness Prevention

Course Duration: 1-2 Hours

The primary goal of this course is to ensure that outdoor workers and their supervisors are well informed and prepared to prevent heat illness, understand the importance of emergency response procedures, and are capable of implementing a robust heat illness prevention plan at their worksites.

T8CCR 3395(h) Training states the following: Effective training in the following topics shall be provided to each supervisory and non-supervisory employee before the employee begins work that should reasonably be anticipated to result in exposure to the risk of heat illness. This comprehensive Heat Illness Prevention Training Course is designed to educate participants on the critical aspects of preventing heat illness in outdoor work environments. Tailored to comply with California’s Cal/OSHA regulations, this program is essential for employers, supervisors, and workers engaged in outdoor activities across various industries, including agriculture, construction, and landscaping.

Who Should Attend:
Outdoor workers and their supervisors, safety and health professionals, employees and managers in industries such as agriculture, construction, and landscaping.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding Heat Illness: Definitions, statistics, and the importance of prevention.
  • Regulatory Requirements: Detailed review of Cal/OSHA’s Heat Illness Prevention regulation (T8CCR 3395) and its application.
  • Risk Factors: Environmental and personal risk factors for heat illness and strategies for mitigation.
  • Prevention Measures: The role of water, rest, shade, and acclimatization in preventing heat illness.
  • Emergency Response and First Aid: Identifying symptoms of heat illness and appropriate first aid measures.
  • Employer and Employee Responsibilities: Detailed discussion on the responsibilities of employers and employees under the regulation.
  • Developing a Heat Illness Prevention Plan Overview: Key components of an effective plan.

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