Hazardous Materials Industry Technician Refresher 8 Hr - CFR 1910.120(q)(6)(iii)  

Hours 8 Hours

Target Audience: 

Individuals who have previously completed the Hazardous Materials Industry Technician Initial 24 Hr training and are looking to renew their knowledge and skills related to responding actively to hazardous materials incidents. 

Course Description: 

NATEC’s concise 8-hour refresher course is designed to update Hazardous Materials Technicians on the essential practices and procedures involved in responding to hazardous materials releases. As per the specifications of 1910.120(q)(6)(iii), technicians have a pivotal role in addressing hazardous materials releases by taking proactive measures such as patching, plugging, or other techniques to halt further release of hazardous substances. 

In this annual refresher, participants will review key concepts, techniques, and safety protocols to ensure that they remain updated and competent in their role. It serves as an essential checkpoint for technicians, ensuring that they remain aligned with the best practices in the industry. 

This is the annual refresher level training. Employers are required to document a minimum of 8 hours between training and on-the-job experience annually. This course meets those refresher requirements. 

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