Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations Initial - 16 or 24 Hr - Title 8 5192(q)6 & CFR 29 1910.120 

Languages Available: English and Spanish 

Duration: Course can be tailored for 16 or 24 hours based on the depth and breadth of topics covered 

Target Audience: 

NATEC’s Initial training program is designed for first responders at the operations level who respond defensively to releases or potential releases of hazardous substances. Intended for those aiming to protect nearby persons, property, or the environment from the effects of hazardous materials releases. This encompasses emergency responders, hazmat teams, and other professionals who need to obtain or renew their First Responder Operations credentials. 

Course Description: 

This comprehensive course equips first responders with the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize hazardous materials incidents and implement defensive actions in accordance with regulations. Building upon foundational concepts, participants will delve deep into scenarios and hands-on activities that challenge and sharpen their response strategies. 

Key Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand the course purpose, applicable laws, and key regulations. 
  • Recognize containers, materials, and potential release conditions in scenarios. 
  • Predict material behavior and potential harms of a release. 
  • Define response objectives and the responsibilities of the first responder at the operations level. 
  • Utilize the DOT Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) for hazard identification and recommended actions. 
  • Initiate correct notification processes during incidents. 
  • Comprehend the importance of scene control and protective equipment in hazmat incidents. 
  • Grasp the methodologies for safe containment and available protective actions. 
  • Identify decontamination needs, disposal, and documentation procedures during a hazmat response. 
  • Recognize the roles, responsibilities, and capabilities of agencies likely to respond to a hazmat event. 

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