Hazardous Materials First Responder Awareness CCR Title 8 1592(q)(6) 

Hours 8 Hours

Available Languages: English & Spanish


First responders at the awareness level are individuals likely to witness or discover a hazardous substance release. This course equips them to initiate the proper emergency response sequence by notifying the relevant authorities of the release. Beyond this notification, they are trained not to take further actions. The training ensures that first responders at the awareness level demonstrate the required competency, either through this training or relevant experience. 

Course Modules: 

  • Introduction to Hazardous Material Incidents: Understanding the potential risks and types of hazardous substances. 
  • Role of the First Responder: Defining the responsibilities and limitations of first responders at the awareness level. 
  • Emergency Response Protocols: Procedures for notifying proper authorities in the event of a hazardous substance release. 
  • Recognition & Identification: Methods and tools to recognize potential hazardous substance releases. 
  • Safety & Security Protocols: Approaches to ensuring personal safety and securing the area while awaiting specialized response teams. 
  • Communication Procedures: Effective communication methods for conveying information about the release to authorities. 
  • Final Examination: Assessment to gauge understanding and implementation of the teachings. 
  • Upon successful completion, attendees will receive a certification acknowledging their proficiency and competence as first responders at the awareness level. 

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