Grader Training

Hours: 8 Hours


This class is intended to train personnel in the safe operation of a grader.

The class will provide the student with the knowledge and skills needed to operate a grader. Also covered in the class will be proper pre-shift inspection procedure.


  • Course time is approximately eight hours. Topics covered in the class are proper pre-shift inspection, machine operation, working with graders, blue topping, reading stakes, proper replacement of hubs, and working with multigrade brakes.
  • At the conclusion of the lecture each student will be required to pass a written examination. At the conclusion of the practical section each student will be required to pass specific tasks set up by the instructor.
  • The practical portion of the class will include a four hands-on operation and inspection of a grader, and will be taught as a one-on-one session with each student.

Other Information

  • Class size: Maximum five students per class.
  • Class length: Four hours classroom, four hours field training
  • Materials: Classroom text @$35.00 each.

Schedule & Registration

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