Forklift Training

Hours: 8 Hours

This class is intended to train personnel in the safe operation of an extended boom forklift.

The class will provide the student with the knowledge and skills needed to operate and extended boom forklift. Also covered in the class will be proper pre-shift inspection procedure.


  • Course time is approximately eight hours. Topics covered in the class are proper pre-shift inspection, machine operation, reading load charts, extending and retracting with a load, and maneuvering around obstacles.
  • At the conclusion of the lecture each student will be required to pass a written examination.
  • The practical portion of the class will include a four hour hands-on operation and inspection of a forklift, and will be taught as a one-on-one session with each student.
  • At the conclusion of the practical section each student will be required to pass specific tasks conducted by the instructor

Other Information:

  • Class size: Maximum five students per class.
  • Class length: Four hours classroom, four hours field training
  • Materials: Classroom text @$35.00 each.
  • ll Wheel Drive Extending Boom Forklift


  • Module I: Load Chart and Placarding
    Classroom (4 hours): This module will be tailored to you facility and includes understanding the load chart and machine lifting capacity.

    Field Training (12 hours): Practical lifting and load chart exercises, including proper machine set-up and operation.
  • Module II: Steering and Proper Equipment Operation
    Classroom (4 hours): Valve operation and proper load weight

    Field Training (12 hours): Proper handling of the load at full extension.

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