Disturbing Soil with Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA)

Duration: 4 Hours

Course Description:

NATEC International, Inc.’s specialized 4-hour training session is designed for workers and supervisors involved in outdoor activities that entail excavating or being in proximity to excavation sites where Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA) is present. Recognized as Class II work by Cal/OSHA, the course emphasizes the significance of employing both engineering and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) controls, along with exposure assessment considerations, to mitigate health risks associated with NOA. With NOA found in a significant portion of California, understanding and implementing regulated dust mitigation measures are crucial for compliance and safety.


To equip workers and supervisors with critical knowledge and practices for safely handling NOA during construction, road maintenance, quarrying, and surface mining operations. The course aims to ensure participants can effectively implement required dust mitigation measures, understand the health effects of asbestos exposure, and comply with Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM) requirements.

Who Should Attend:

This course in intended for Construction workers, Quarry and surface mining personnel, Road construction and maintenance crews, Contractors and site managers operating in areas prone to NOA.

Course Outline:

Background and Health Effects of Asbestos: Understanding the risks if not previously trained.
Operations Likely to Cause Airborne Exposures: Identifying activities with high exposure potential.
Engineering Controls: Implementing the wet method, managing excavation spoils.
PPE Controls: Choosing and using appropriate protective equipment.
Exposure Assessment: Key considerations for assessing risk.
Regulatory Compliance: Review of Cal/OSHA and Air District regulations including 8 CCR 1529 and 17 CCR 93105.
Dust Mitigation Measures: Required actions under the Asbestos ATCM for Construction and Grading.


Upon successful completion, participants will receive a certification from NATEC International, Inc., acknowledging their understanding and ability to safely work with and around NOA, in compliance with state regulations.

Why This Course Is Essential:

With the prevalence of NOA across California, safeguarding worker health and ensuring regulatory compliance are paramount. This course delivers essential education on the dangers of NOA and practical measures to prevent asbestos exposure in construction-related activities.

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