Crane Rigging Awareness

This focused Crane Rigging Safety Awareness Course is developed as a refresher for industry professionals. It offers a condensed yet thorough review of essential safety practices in crane rigging. Over 2-4 hours, participants will revisit key safety concepts, protocols, and standards specific to crane rigging, ensuring their knowledge is up-to-date and in line with current industry requirements.

This course is ideal for individuals who have previously undergone training in crane operations and rigging. It’s especially beneficial for crane operators, rigging workers, and construction site supervisors looking to refresh their safety awareness and best practices knowledge.

Course Content:

• Recap of Crane Rigging Fundamentals: Key terminology and principles.
• Advanced Safety Protocols for Crane Rigging: Latest industry practices.
• Practical Use of Rigging Equipment: Reviewing the correct usage and safety features.
• Rigging Hazard Identification: Reinforcing the ability to spot and address potential risks.
• Compliance with Industry Regulations: Updates on current standards and regulations.
• Interactive Scenario Analysis: Real-world examples and situational discussions to test knowledge.

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