Cal OSHA Lead in Construction

Cal OSHA Lead in Construction for Workers & Cal OSHA Lead in Construction for Supervisors

This course meets the training requirements found in Cal OSHA Regulation Title 8 CCR 1532.1(l)(1)(2)(3)(4). It is designed for workers disturbing lead-containing materials during construction activities.
The following activities are specifically listed:

  • Demolition or salvage of structures where lead or materials containing lead are present
  • Removal or encapsulation of materials containing lead
  • New construction, alteration, repair, renovation of structures, substrates, or portions thereof that contain lead, or materials containing lead
  • Installation of products containing lead
  • Lead contamination/emergency cleanup
  • Transportation, disposal, storage, or containment of lead or materials containing lead on the site or location at which construction activities are performed
  • Maintenance operations associated with the construction activities described in this subsection

Course Outline

Topics covered include:

  • Historical use of lead in construction materials
  • Health effects associated with lead exposure
  • Worker exposure assessments
  • Medical surveillance
  • Worker protection
  • Work practices and engineering controls to reduce employee exposure
  • Training requirements
  • Notification requirements
  • Transportation and disposal of leaded waste

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