Asbestos Awareness Training

Duration: 1 Hour

Target Audience: Construction workers, supervisors, and employees potentially exposed to asbestos on job sites.

Course Description: 

NATEC’s Asbestos Awareness Training course is meticulously designed to equip construction and general industry professionals with crucial knowledge on identifying asbestos, understanding its harmful effects, and implementing strategies to minimize exposure. Adhering to Cal-OSHA and EPA standards, this course aims to safeguard workers by providing comprehensive insights into asbestos related hazards, regulatory requirements, and effective exposure prevention techniques.

Learning Objectives: 

Participants will:

  •  Gain a fundamental understanding of asbestos and its potential presence in work areas.
  •  Learn about the health risks associated with asbestos exposure and methods for its prevention.
  •  Become familiar with CALOSHA and EPA regulations designed to protect workers from asbestos hazards.
  •  Master practical safeguards for limiting or eliminating asbestos exposure in construction or general industry settings.

Course Content: 

  •  Module 1: Asbestos Basics Introduction to asbestos, its use in the industry, and the health risks associated with exposure.
  •  Module 2: Standards for Asbestos Exposure – Overview of CALOSHA Requirements (1529, 5208, and 5208.(j)7(A)), OSHA, and EPA standards regulating asbestos in construction or general industry.
  •  Module 3: Preventing Asbestos Exposure – Strategies and best practices for minimizing asbestos risks on job sites, including permissible exposure levels and safety measures.

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