2020: OSHA Self-Inspection Checklist, What You Should Know

It’s never a bad time to consider re-evaluating your company. Whether it is your safety, your procedures, or your business as a whole, periodic evaluations ensure that you and your employees are in a safe, efficient work environment. Self-inspections are essential to an organization as it helps identify potential hazards. OSHA has provided in their small business handbook a Self-Inspection Checklist that is designed to assist in identifying probable hazards within your workplace. These checklists also give direction as to actions necessary in making your workplace a safer and healthier environment for your employees.

Attached along with this blog post is a copy of our 2020 Self-Inspection Checklist, detailing the areas of inspection that OSHA suggests. The data was obtained from: www.OSHA.gov. It is important to note that OSHA advises that these checklists are not all-inclusive and may not apply wholly to a specific business or business type. In short, these checklists are specifically meant for guidance purposes and not as a means of identifying compliance issues within your workplace. Because the checklist covers a gamut of concepts, you don’t need to spend time with topics that do not apply to your organization. Carefully look through the provided Self-Inspection Checklist and only go through the topics that apply to your organization.

OSHA emphasizes diagnosing the potential hazards once your checklists are complete and utilizing OSHA standards in remedying these potential hazards. NATEC International, Inc. has been a leading provider of environmental, health and safety training for over 30 years. If you would like to re-evaluate your company with our safety experts or would like to schedule training, please e-mail us at training@natecintl.com, or call us at 1(800) 969-3228.


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