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In a December 2017 publication of an OSHA inspection, a Chicago Post Office engaging in renovations cited three Chicago companies involved with the work performed for failing to protect their employees from lead and cadmium exposure hazards. All three companies faced a total of 31 citations and a possible penalty cost of over $200,000. The […]

As of September 23rd, 2017, OSHA finalized their rule on Respirable Crystalline Silica within the workplace. According to the new OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1926.1153, employers and workplaces are now liable for the safety of their employees when respirable crystalline silica exposure risk is greater than 25 micrograms per cubic meter. This is all measured […]

California has the highest amount of seismic activity among almost all the states. A recent 3.6 magnitude earthquake hit Northwest Westwood, California shaking many homes and workplaces.¬† Although the damage was minor, it was a surefire wake-up call on the emergency preparedness of our state. In 1906, a catastrophic earthquake with a 7.8 magnitude hit […]

NATEC International offers bi-monthly state exam prep courses for your convenience. Our examination prep courses are designed to outline all the information that will be covered within the examinations. It wil brief you on the requirements and studies of pertinent regulations. These exam prep courses will greatly improve your chances of passing the state exams […]

In a September 16, 2015 Newsletter, the EPA released new information in regards to Lead RRP Training & Certifications, including changes to the Application Process, Renovator Training Expirations and Firm Certifications. Here are the latest details on these updates.   Change to application process – “Effective September 15, 2015 EPA will no longer offer the […]

Two schools and 39 homes in Vernon, California, situated near a battery recycling plant were discovered to have high levels of lead in the soil. Upon detection of these levels of lead, officials issued a health warning and ordered for more testing to be done in surrounding area to determine how far this contamination has […]

Although there are many reasons why workers need safety training, the most important reason would have to be the fact that training keeps workers safe on the job and minimize possible risks involved with their line of work. There can be many dangers on the job in the construction, maintenance, renovation and emergency response personnel, […]

It may be hard to believe but it’s nearly been 5 years since Lead Renovation Repair and Paint training has been a requirement to handle lead-based paint activities at work. In just 4 months it will be 5 years and means it will be time for many to have a refresher course since certification only […]

HAZWOPER stands for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response. There are a number of different courses under the HAZWOPER training catalog it can quickly become confusing when figuring out which training course you actually need. Workers who deal with or work near hazardous chemicals on a regular basis definitely need to be trained to handle […]

More people need than you may think, it’s not just for people who know they will be dealing with asbestos on a regular basis. Those who need to be able to identify potential asbestos containing hazards in building renovations. Knowing what kinds of things could possibly contain asbestos is the first step toward being safe […]