Monthly Archives: October 2019

California has reached the peak season for wildfire activity. Northern California’s Kincaid fire has burned an area more than twice the size of San Francisco. It is approximated that the Kincaid Fire has burned over 75,000 acres with a 15% containment. Southern California has also been affected with the Getty Fire, with 656 acres burned […]

On average, 15 workers die every day from job injuries. 5,600 Americans die from workplace injuries annually and over 4 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses are reported. Despite OSHA’s impact on worker safety and health, significant hazards and unsafe work conditions still exist in the United States. These injuries and fatalities levy direct and […]

The week of October 20th to the 26th is the California Department of Health (CDPH)’s Lead Poisoning Prevention Week. This week is to further inform the general population about the dangers of Lead Poisoning and where it may be present in our daily lives. Lead exposure in adults is usually spread on-the-job. Some of the […]

What is the Final Asbestos Rule? The EPA’s April 2019 Final Asbestos Rule defines 19 other uses of asbestos to be banned in addition to the original 5 uses of asbestos banned in 1989. Asbestos manufacturers now must seek the approval of the EPA before trying to resume discontinued use of asbestos. It also disallows […]