Monthly Archives: January 2014

HAZWOPER stands for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response. There are a number of different courses under the HAZWOPER training catalog it can quickly become confusing when figuring out which training course you actually need. Workers who deal with or work near hazardous chemicals on a regular basis definitely need to be trained to handle […]

More people need than you may think, it’s not just for people who know they will be dealing with asbestos on a regular basis. Those who need to be able to identify potential asbestos containing hazards in building renovations. Knowing what kinds of things could possibly contain asbestos is the first step toward being safe […]

For the month of February, 2014, NATEC International Inc. is offering a 5% discount on all lead training courses. Once you add a class to the shopping cart on, add the promo code 5LEADFEB to receive 5% off the list price of your course enrollment. The promotion should then be automatically applied to your […]

The importance of understanding the health and safety of employees is vital to any corporation or company. Understanding the liabilities caused by such adverse conditions may help in the prevention of workplace injury and illness. As for Lazarus Energy, a chemical refinement company in Nixon, Texas, the company is suffering from 10 proposed violations totaling […]

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has proposed making it mandatory that workplace reports be submitted electronically, which would provide the public with access to these reports electronically. Bringing this system of reporting into the modern age of technology has many advantages, including the public and OSHA’s ability to monitor reporting in an electronic database. […]

Although lead-based paint was banned from new buildings starting in 1978, the impact of the buildings painted with lead-based paint before the ban continue to impact the lives of those who inhabit and work within them. It is extremely important to keep yourself protected when working with lead-based paint because the health effects of such […]